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Common advises from fashion designer Pamela Moreti, about how to pick the right jewelry:

I started my career in jewelry design years ago. Starting from that time, wherever I go, whatever I do, subconsciously or not, I pay my attention to surrounding me people’s jewelry and accessories. People can be very different from inside, but it is always interesting how they express their inner beauty through their appearance. That’s exactly why people wear jewelry. To underline their beauty, charm, magnetism but not to scare others away. Some can do it well, some others can’t. The choice of accessories is a very personal affair, it's very important that you feel comfortable and in harmony with what you wear. But jewelry is a very special thing that require thorough consideration and good taste. From time to time I see beautiful pieces of masterpiece on the women who have no idea how to put them all together. In these cases I feel sad for their stunning jewelry. So, what are the rules to follow when you put jewelry or accessories on? Here are some advises on how to make the most of the jewelry:

Remember "one-statement-at-a-time" rule. It means that you should balance your jewelry items. For example, a dramatic necklace requires modest earrings and vice versa. Similarly, if you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree, avoid wearing more than one massive and bold ring at a time. The combination of 2 or 3 discreet rings is ok within the good-taste limits. The same is for the bracelets. But then do not wear a necklace.

Jewelry sets are traditional gifts. They usually include matching necklace, ear-rings, a bracelet and a ring. Do not wear them all at once. 

A necklace is good together with a ring, and ear-rings are a fabulous match for a bracelet. You can compliment them with a wedding ring. 

Face shape and hair style have an influence on what to wear.
Try not to wear earrings that overpower your face, but rather a pair that enhances your features and attracts light to your face. Massive ear-rings look out of place if you have a small face with fine features or short-cut hair. Hair worn piled up is a fabulous opportunity to wear long drop or dangly earrings.

 Consider your age when choosing the stones and metals that can work best for you.

The good options for a young girl are some strings of pearlscoralsturquoise a-la russe (i.e. set in silver or gold).

More mature ladies are free to wear all possible precious stones. 
You can combine silver and gold jewelry. But think thoroughly over the combination. For example, silver and gold chains can liven a dark dress up. Never combine a silver necklace with a gold bracelet.

Jewelry should accessorize your outfit whether dress or jeans. Try a before and after look in the mirror. First, look in the mirror with no jewelry on, just the outfit of your choice. Second, put on a small item or two of jewelry and take another look. Third, replace the small jewelry items with larger, more reflective jewelry. The larger, more reflective jewelry will always make a better display and is very attractive. Smaller jewelry items are helpful when it is essential to play down your look. Jewelry must be noticeable to be appreciated.

I try to tailor my look to what they will accept and understand. I also try to always abide by the no-noise jewelry rule. If it clanks or is distracting it has no place in the workplace.

 Take your cue from your boss or coworkers and accessorize accordingly, while still letting your unique personality show through.

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